Green Hills Remodel and Staging

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…

Of a home that’s been sitting empty and unloved for way too long,

the casualty of a long drawn out flip.

(Did you sing that in your head as you read?)

Seriously, this home is in the BEST area in all of Tennessee, and it is surrounded by mansions, old money, new money, and an amazing location. It has been vacant and lonely for more than 7 months, and its journey has had it’s share of hijincks and snafu’s, but hopefully the time has come for someone to move into and love this adorable home.

Without further adieu, les images:


Hopefully you can tell the difference the staging made in the empty pictures vs. the pictures with furniture. Staging doesn’t work miracles if a seller insists on over pricing a property, but when you pair staging with a motivated seller and a good price, usually a fast sale will occur which will beat it’s competitors days on market unsold and it will avoid endless price reductions. So sellers,

1) Price it right!

2)Stage it!

3)Get it Sold!

4)Move on with your life into your next adventure!



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