Sylvan Heights Renovation

This is one of the hottest areas of Nashville right now: Sylvan Heights. The sellers of this home are out of state investors, and they (wisely) decided to have the property staged in order to facilitate a fast sale.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pictures. Sometimes I get in and get so eager to go that I either forget to take before pictures altogether, or I realize after I’ve started and shift things around out of the camera’s focus to go ahead and get those before shots.

IMG_2049This is the view upon entry to the home. It is an open concept living/dining/kitchen area and it looks massive when it’s vacant. The furniture here really gives the eye something pleasant to focus on and help define areas and zones.

IMG_2051IMG_2047More views of the wide open living space.

IMG_2045Master bedroom. The headboard that arrived to this home is NOT the headboard I ordered from Cort. But, being the resourceful stager that I am, I quickly draped an extra throw blanket over the headboard to disguise the cheap hotel looking one we were given.

IMG_2042Spare bedroom. Staging the space gives it a friendly vibe, and provides an idea of what size furniture the room will accommodate.

Luckily, this home has had showings like crazy and I’ve been getting positive feedback on the staging. Gotta love that! I expect this one will sell quickly.

Au revoir!



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