Inglewood Charmer

Today I had a fun time staging a property in the smoking hot area of Inglewood in East Nashville. This area is known for it’s charm, eclectic mix, hip residents, and rising home prices. It is very popular, and with good reason. It has a kind of vibe and energy that is uniquely all it’s own.

This anti cookie cutter charmer is a 4 bed, 2 bath home, and it was vacant along with being newly renovated. One of the reasons it is so important to stage a renovated home, is to give potential buyers something to focus on other than the quality of the renovation. Some buyers can be wary of the stigma of a “flipped” house, and if given nothing else to focus on in a vacant property, they will start to nit pick apart any little flaws in the renovation. You do not want a buyer focusing on a chip in a paint job, or nail holes not filled in, etc. etc. If you stage the home with furniture, buyers are more likely to focus on cute furnishings and accessories, as opposed to any potential flaws. “Oh look honey, I just love these pillows”, as opposed to “Oh my gosh, did you see where the paint is peeling on that door over there?!”.


This is the view from the front door, immediately upon walking into the house. Notice those pretty floors? Stainless appliances, granite, and new cabinets? IMG_1623IMG_1622

Now there is more focus drawn to the positives of the kitchen, and a warmer, more inviting feel is the first impression upon entry.


Master bedroom before. Spacious, but not immediately apparent HOW big it truly is (without furniture), and also is a little confusing as to where to place furniture.


Now you can tell how big it really is, as it draws the eye on in.


The dining room before is just kind of there, and there is a lack of clearly defined space between the dining room and the living room.


Now you can see a hint of the living room beyond, and you can imagine where to put a table and enjoy meals with family and friends.


Living room before. Again, nice floors, new windows, but it’s lacking an emotional connection.

IMG_1621IMG_1627IMG_1625Now it has more of an on trend vibe, which is  totally in sync with the neighborhood and area.


Extra bedroom before. Nice but kind of meh.


Extra bedroom after. Feels much better than empty.


Master bathroom. A few touches to forge that emotional connection and draw attention to that lovely vanity.

If anyone is looking to move into a gorgeous home in one of Nashville’s hottest areas, and start living the east Nashvillian lifestyle, send me a message and I will put you in touch with the owner! This beauty is going to hit the market soon, & won’t last long!


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