Crescent Avenue, Smyrna

This is a 4 bed, 2 bath, 1760 sq. ft  home close to the heart of Smyrna.

We closed on the home in April 2016 and are listing it the first of October.

It began as most of our projects do; ugly and outdated. The previous homeowner had been a handyman hobbyist. The home was chock full of bad wiring, bad tile, ugly wall paper, unstable structural add on’s and a dangerous, falling apart deck in the backyard supporting a humongous hot tub with gazebo (don’t ask me how).



(Death Trap gazebo/home to a giant bees nest full of angry bees. Not very relaxing). This was completely taken away, decking and all.





Before:                                                                   After:










Living Room Before:









Living Room After:


We closed the wall, adding value with a fourth bedroom, cleaned it up, refinished the flooring, new paint, new fixtures, and cute staging.



Living Room Before; opposite side:

img_1460We actually had some trouble trying to find a taker for the faux fireplace even though it worked and was free!









We opened up the wall, creating a dedicated

dining space open to the kitchen.




Kitchen Before:






Not really sure what style this look was going for. Imperial Oriental?




Kitchen After:

106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-7-of-41 106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-10-of-41 106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-8-of-41 106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-15-of-41

We opened the wall, added nice granite, a subway tile backsplash, plenty of recessed & updated lighting and fixtures, stainless appliances, new cabinets, and refinished the hardwood flooring. Now it’s open and beautiful!


Hall bath Before:                                                 Hall bath After:



We kept the vanity cabinet (cleaned of course), but added a new granite top that    matched the granite in the kitchen. A new sink, faucet, toilet, paint, tp holder, mirror, and lighting, and this bathroom is done!




Master bath Before:

img_1484 img_1486 img_1485








Master bath After:


New everything.


Master Bedroom before:


Dark and with an exterior door, which I hated.



Master Bedroom After:

106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-25-of-41 106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-24-of-41

Fresh, clean, and updated. We changed the previous exterior door to a more security friendly window.



Sunroom/back porch area before:



Sunroom/ back porch area after:


That’s our little pile of leftover materials that unfortunately made it into the picture, but will be taken out before we list. Cleaned, new indoor/outdoor carpet, and new LED fans.



Cute, cleaned up, fenced in back yard. Perfect to garden or play in.

106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-32-of-41 106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-35-of-41 106-crescent-ave-smyrna-tnhigh-res-33-of-41

We will be listing this home next week, pricing it right, and hoping for a quick sale.





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