Just Right Furniture Placement


Furniture Placement can be a tricky thing. Maybe there is a tricky floor plan to accommodate, or furniture that doesn’t quite fit the space, but buying new is not in the budget. Some people just really don’t know HOW to best arrange their furniture so that not only is it functional to their everyday lives, but also is symmetrical, beautiful, and arranged in the best way it possibly can be. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing something until your taught. Lots of people have incredibly busy lives and furniture arranging 101 is not a subject that is taught in school, and no one is BORN knowing how to do it. Some people have a natural talent for it yes, but many do not, and that’s okay! That’s where I come in. Together, we can arrange and rearrange until the best result reveals itself. It’s something I deeply enjoy, and it’s also something I’m good at. It’s gratifying to help homeowners see possibilities that never occurred to them before, and help them fall in love with their spaces in ways they didn’t know they could. I can use only what the homeowner currently has, or I can make suggestions of things that could be purchased that would make the biggest impact for the least cost that will update and refresh the space. 

See my services and pricing tab for more info, and call me today so we can transform your space into exactly what you’ve always wished for, but may never have known how to achieve.

Wrong again!

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