The Decorologist. Quirky name, Lots of talent.



So just how AM I qualified to be a certified “expert psychological home stager”? What does that even mean? Lots of girls have a good eye for design, right? What makes me so special?

Well, let me begin by saying that the staging/decorating talent did NOT come naturally to me! Some girls get it (and some men) but I was not one of them. I did love art during school. That was basically how I made it through. I blissfully drew, painted, and sculpted my way through 4 years of angst, not fitting in, and social awkwardness. It was my outlet- my tunnel through those times. During that time I developed my talent and grew my knowledge of balance, symmetry, form, and colors. Staging is really not so different. Creativity can span different “genres”, so to speak. How do I know this to be true? Read on…

If you are lucky enough to live here in Middle Tennessee, you may have heard of the Decorologist, Kristie Barnett. She is an entrepreneur, a home stager, a decorator, a blogger (check her out), an author, and a teacher. She is somewhat of a local celebrity. And she is VERY good at what she does- but she can’t stage them all! Kristie offers courses for people who want to learn the art of home staging (she’s holding another one this month!), and I was interested in knowing more about what she had to teach. My husband has been a top producing realtor for over 7 years and I figured it would be a logical choice for me to pursue home staging. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge through him, and coupled with Kristies amazingly useful staging education, I am ready to help anybody and everybody who needs help getting a home sold quickly, and for the most money possible (because what home seller doesn’t?!).

So there. That is why I am qualified to to stage homes. I’ve been formally taught, in a very informal, unregulated industry. FullSizeRender



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