Big things are happening on the home front!

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Kitchen After
Kitchen After

We have been in the midst of remodeling our home, and it has been a test of patience, marital accord (and discord), OCD-edness, and harmony. We lived without a washer and dryer while husband re-tiled our laundry room floor and repositioned the sink and added a backsplash. That resulted in running dangerously low on underwear supplies. Then we lived without a kitchen (fun! lots of eating out!), while we got new counter tops, lighting, and it was painted from top to bottom, including the cabinets. Cabinet painting has taught me a thing or two about types of paint, and methods of paint removal (hello mineral spirits!).Then, Jeff and I got to sleep camp out on the couch while our master bedroom walls and ceiling were being painted, and now we shower upstairs while our master bathroom is being painted and getting it’s new lighting, double vanity, tub back splash, and new faucets. All of this, only weeks before Thanksgiving. I’ve always been like that- forced efficiency. I know company is coming for the holiday, and BAM! House remodel time! Amazing how my life lives according to that principle.

In my darker moments of despair (the night we had no running water at home), I remind myself that my house will look BANGING for the holidays, and that helps to take the edge off. Also I will get lots of amazing before and after photos to spruce up my blog, and those are always fun to see. When it is all said and done though, this is what I live for. I LOVE transforming homes, and it makes everything worthwhile- even the journey getting there.


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