A Brave New Frontier


Starting a new business has brought to light some glaringly obvious areas where I could stand to improve. For instance, before each staging job, I feel FEAR. Will I know what to do? Will the clients like me and believe in me? Will they have enough to work with? Will I know how the furniture needs to be arranged? Am I charging too much? Too little? I need to focus on taming that fear cobra. Not getting rid of the fear, but not letting it take over. In my life I have found the best way to overcome a fear is to focus on something else positive. It’s what I teach my kids. One of the laws of the Universe states “What you focus on, expands”. Meaning, if you focus on negative, you will bring more negative into your life. If you focus on opportunities and positivity, you really will manifest more of that into your life.

What I am doing now is deep breathing and reminding myself that I WILL know what to do. I have a god-given talent, and I should be proud to share it with everyone that needs help! I have the knowledge, I have talent; now I just need to take action and build my empire!

They say one of the first parts of any new business is a vision. Where do I want my business to go? How much or how little do I want to grow it? Building a vision is an essential building block, and that is what I’m going to work on this morning. That, and this blog post. All good things come from actions- and writing this, my first ever blog post, was my action I wanted to achieve for this morning; and to figure out how to put a neat little picture in it! This is how you win with life- one positive action at a time.


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